About Us
Commitment to Excellence
Biery Cheese for over 75 years has been providing top quality cheese products to all facets of markets. We are a U.S.D.A., F.D.A., Kosher, Organic, and Military approved facility which helps ensure you and your customers are receiving consistent and reliable quality products. Biery Cheese has a full HACCP program in place that helps ensure food safety in all products shipped from our facility. Food safety is a commitment that we have embraced with passion. To help keep our skills sharp, we have 3rd party audit companies review our facility to make sure we are keeping up with today's regulations and standards.

Biery Cheese also inspects all in coming products to be sure that nothing enters our facility except the best. We have four professionally trained cheese graders on staff that help in the grading process. Providing quality products to our customers is not our job, its our commitment to providing "The Finest Cheese in All the Land."

All the products in our facility are kept in a monitored refrigerated environment. Our shipping department inspects all trailers prior to loading to ensure that the trailer is clean and sanitary. We seal or lock all trailers before they leave our docks to ensure that you will receive quality products at your facility.

Biery Cheese's sister company, Apollo Sky Inc., provides top quality freight services for delivery. By having Apollo Sky work hand in hand with Biery Cheese, together we can provide guaranteed on time deliveries at a competitive price. Call today to see how Biery Cheese and Apollo Sky can service your next delivery.
Phone: 330-875-3381 Toll Free: 1-800-CHEESE-1
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